Gallery: Four most inspirational women of the 21st century

By Maia Bondici

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This month we are celebrating women – their beauty, their intelligence, their spirit and their legacy. Here are the 4 most influential women who inspired us on our journeys.

1. Michelle Obama – Lawyer, writer, former First Lady of the US, mother and dog lover

Two months after she left the White House, ex – Flotus is still playing an important role in society. She is an advocate for same sex marriage; she is fighting childhood obesity and her campaign ‘Let Girls Learn’ has made huge progress, helping girls around the world have access to education.

2. Oprah Winfrey – Media proprietor, talk show host, philanthropist and producer
She revolutionised the media by redefining the concept of entertainment with her own show. Oprah became a spiritual leader and a positive influencer, people calling this ‘the Oprah effect’.

3. J.K. Rowling – Novelist, screenwriter and film producer
After writing Harry Potter, Rowling became a billionaire. She is the first person ever to lose that status because she gave a considerable amount of her wealth away as donations to charity.

4. Christiane Amanpour – CNN’s Chief International Consultant
She became one of the most influential people due to her work as a foreign correspondent. Amanpour got her break during the Gulf War, and has since been reporting from conflict areas. She redefined the concept of conflict reporting and improved the level of news coverage at CNN.