Is sex good for you? Find out.

By Helena Uhl


Women burn an average of 69 calories during sex. / Pixabay

Sex is a basic human need. It’s pleasurable, it’s fun and it’s healthy. Here is how good sex can change your life for the better, according to experts.

1. It can give a vital boost to your immune system. Instead of guzzling down vitamins and avoiding sick people like they have the plague, it turns out sex is a simpler solution.

2. More sex, less stress: Dopamine is released every time you orgasm. Its effects have been compared to heroin. Lots of touching and close contact also means you’ll never be anxious.

3. It counts as exercise. Those painful hours at the gym before work can be replaced with spending time in bed with your partner.

4. You are less likely to get a heart attack. Sex can raise your heart rate but also balance your oestrogen and testosterone levels.

5. One orgasm a day, takes the pain away: Whether you are struggling with menstrual cramps or chronic pains, you’ll no longer need to pop those Ibuprofens every two hours.