Why daylights savings time approaching should make you happy

By Gabriela Fernández


The sun is the main source of our vitamin D, which keeps our bones and muscles healthy. / Skitterphoto

With the British clocks turning one hour forward this 26 March, it is possible to feel the Spring vibe approaching us in the Northern Hemisphere.

The environment around us usually changes when flowers and good weather are seen more often. This is because of some key benefits the sun has to offer. The sunlight release a hormone called serotonin that is associated with boosting mood and helping us to feel calm and focused.

Also, the sun is the main source of vitamin D which is fundamental for good health. It is extremely necessary for our bones, muscles and it helps to keep our neurological functions in good condition.

For a better mood and feeling of well-being, getting 5 to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight, three days a week, is enough to release serotonin to your brain and increase the vitamin D in your body. Do like Stevie Wonder and find your place in the sun.