Five ways to be more zen at work

By Maia Bondici


Ending your day with five minutes of meditation can relax you. / Pexels

We live in a stressful time when the pressure of our jobs seems to be taking over our entire lives sometimes. According to Thich Nhat Hanh, an expert in mindfulness, here are five ways to detach yourself and learn how to keep it chill at the work place.

  1. Start your day with five minutes of meditation

Focus on gratitude and thank the universe for your state of mind. While getting ready in the morning, give yourself some time only for yourself. Don’t answer calls or emails as soon as you wake up!

  1. Don’t react instantly to conflict

If your colleagues at work seem to create a negative environment for you and they are in constant conflict, try not to respond immediately. Even if this drives you mad sometimes, take a few minutes to process the information and come up with a calm and mature response.

  1. Don’t mix your work with your personal life

While your work can be considered something that you enjoy doing, remember that phone calls and emails should remain at the office. Allow yourself to enjoy life from other perspectives and don’t let work take over 24/7.

  1. Give positive feedback!

Make sure that your team knows you appreciate their efforts. Remember to let them know they’re doing a good job and remain positive even when you or your team fail.

  1. End your day with five more minutes of meditation

Remind yourself that you are alive and breathing. Be grateful! Put aside any negative thoughts before going in the house. Don’t bring the pressures of work into the relaxed environment that is your home.