Gap launches new app which allows you to try on clothes at home

By Aleksandra Piotrow


The app will let you choose from five different body types and layer digital information onto a real environment. / Pexels

Dressing rooms can be like the seventh circle of hell – full of queues, mirrors that make you look fat and far too much heating. But all that discomfort could be over with a new phone app which allows you to virtually try on clothes in the privacy of your own home.

Gap just gave a preview of a new application which layers digital information onto a real environment and allows consumers to see how the clothes would look in reality. You simply choose from five available body types and shuffle the sizes to see how they would fit your figure. You can also move the avatar around to see the clothing from all angles.

For now it is only supported by smartphones using Google’s Tango software with augmented-reality technology – Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro and Asus’ ZenFone AR – but let’s hope others will catch up soon so we can put an end to all the horrors of the dressing rooms or bad online purchases.