This is the website for WMN magazine (@wmnmag) aimed at all the women out there who are seeking an intellectual environment, a zen place or a challenging one. It is for the professional women with busy lifestyles who are looking for something that demands respect.

WMN Team:

Maia Bondici – Editor
21, Romanian
Romanian, English, German
Wants to create positive role models for young girls and help people through her writing

Art, beauty, cultures


Helena Uhl – Deputy Editor
21, Austrian
English, German, Thai
Wants to travel, tell peoples’ stories, go to a million concerts and live a life without regret

Music, film, psychology


Aubane Lemaire – Designer
22, French
French, English, Spanish
Wants to travel, discover the world and learn about new cultures and traditions

Film, travel, music


Aleksandra Piotrow – Designer
22, Polish
Polish, English, Spanish
Wants to connect with interesting people and work in marketing

Health, travel, cooking


Gabriela Fernández – Picture Editor
22, Brazilian
Portuguese, English, Spanish
Wants to travel the entire world and take a picture of every single corner of it

Spirituality, music, astrology


Neha Rassal – Social Media Editor
23, Pakistani
English, Urdu, Punjabi
Wants to tell stories that get people thinking and debating

Film, television, literature



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